Hotel Saint Clair and Curfew signage at Hotel Saint Clair
Welcome sign to Curfew restaurant at Hotel Saint Clair
Dining area at Curfew, inside the Hotel Saint Clair
A couple talking and enjoying dinner at Hotel Saint Clair
People eating at Curfew restaurant in Hotel Saint Clair

Curfew is the perfect fusion of a classic American lounge with a distinct elevated dining experience with Spanish, American, and Italian Flair, unrestrained by conventionality. Bold ingredients blend seamlessly with welcoming decor, helmed by a team dedicated to culinary and hospitality excellence. 

Energetic and talented, Celebrity Chef and renowned Hospitality Developer Fabio Viviani brings his passion and hospitality to this incredible concept, combining amazing grubs from the USA and Central America with handcrafted paired with authentic craft cocktails, beers and wines while serving this into an environment that will make a family gather, sports fanatics and passer-by a memorable experience.

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